Website Assessments

Avoid the embarrassment, reputational damage and costs associated with a website attack and defacement. Conduct an assessment of your website's security and identify thousands of vulnerabilities and server misconfigurations that could be exploited by hackers to attack your website.


During a website security assessment we perform a series of tests that are designed to discover vulnerabilities within your website's source code as well as at the server software level. We search for thousands of coding vulnerabilities, missing patches, server misconfigurations and INCLUDE guidance on how to resolve any of the findings.

CMS based websites such as wordpress, drupal and Joomla are easy targets for attackers, eli5 provide CMS website hardening services as well as server hardening services.

Assessment Checks

  • SQL injection vulnerabilities
  • XSS (Cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities
  • OS Command injection vulnerabilities
  • File path reversal
  • Cleartest Password submission
  • Sensitive information leakage
  • Insecure directory and file access
  • Common server misconfigurations