Security Awareness

Human error, nature, manipulation and deception are statistically the greatest threats to your company’s information?. Now you can turn your greatest weakness into your greatest strength by providing the people that use and manage your information, with the knowledge and awareness to keep them vigilant and alert.


eli5 provides a managed security awareness campaign to organizations that do not have the time or resources to run one themselves. We prepare and release stylish, customized and branded digital graphical campaigns (bi-monthly) that can be mass deployed as desktop backgrounds. Additionally, information security awareness workshops, with face-to-face presentations and demonstrations, are held on-site at within the convenience of your offices (quarterly).Finally, we create and deploy an online quiz that your staff complete to gauge their understanding and intake of the knowledge. Through this process we can report the effectiveness of the campaign to management and identify people who may need a refresher.


" What a scammer… "